My address changed and my balance is not there any more


I created a CounterParty wallet 2 days ago. I copied my passphrase and my address.
I sent some BTC to the address, and the transaction was showing in progress.
When I came the next day to check, my address was changed, I have now a new one and my balance is zero.

What happened? How can I get my previous BTC address showing in my wallet?
Using the address and , I can see the balance is there but I cannot see my address in my counterparty wallet.

Thank you.

Did you write down the 12 words by hand?
Chance is one word is misspelled and mixed up with another valid word.

If you can find the address in your original wallet, you can use CounterTools to recover the passphrase (assuming 11 words are correct)

i just had the same issue today. I have the previous address and its private key. What should I do how can I recover the BTC sent to the original address???
This is so inconvenient and make me think twice before using counterwallet.

Please help

If you are lucky to have your private key and the address you should be able to record it from any BTC wallet

I tried the CounterTools but it did not find anything else.

I did not write my 12 words by hand always use copy paste, I even had copied the short link. In fact, I think what happen is that the first time I login to the wallet there was a mistake, may be I did a misspell then. I did use the keyword functionality which is a pain to use.
So it seems that I would have had to make 2 misspell words.
Also if I understand correctly those need to be existing English words, it cannot be random string is that correct?
How would have been “lucky” enough to misspell 2 words and misspell them such a way that they are valid new English words? With that kind of luck I should have rather play the loto rather than trying to participate into an ICO :wink:

Please clarify
Thank you

Yes, each word must be a valid word from a 1626 word dictionary. Any combination of these is valid.Several of these words are just one character apart, like sigh and sign. Therefore it’s possible to make a typo and log in to a new wallet. CounterTools also checks if two adjacent words have swapped order.

Since you copy-pasted, neither of these could have happened anyway.[quote=“sito27, post:5, topic:3280”]
I even had copied the short link

Did you make a quick access URL? If you did, then you also made a password for it.

JPJA thank you for your replies.
Let me state exactly what I did from the start so you can see if I did something wrong along the way.
I never hand write things always copy to avoid mistake.

I wanted to participate into the FootBallCoin ICO.

  1. So I went to //
  2. I created a new wallet
  3. Copy down my 12 words
  4. Created the quick access link and copied it. I used the 12 words fro the password.
  5. I believed I logout and login in again to check if all works. This step I am NOT 100%.
  6. I copied my 17fJ6hcJmw9zTZ9dMbEc2b3srbqAX6QTDa save it into the same documents and sent my BTC to participate to the ICO
  7. The transfer of BTC was very long , it actually might not have arrived before the ICO was finished. I actually saw the pending incoming BTC after 1 hour but it was NOT confirmed yet. I checked later that day and still pending in the same browser / session. Then I went to bed and turn off my computer.
  8. The next day the ICO was finished so I went to check my wallet, I logged back in into my wallet but the balance my empty. So I was confused that is when I checked the address and realized it was a new one.
  9. After trying to login again with passphrase and quick link I always got the same NEW wallet.
  10. Contacted support…

Here are some questions to try to understand what might have gone wrong:

  1. Could it be possible that since the wallet was empty once the ICO was finished, the wallet or BTC address was reset?
  2. I want to clarify again, I am having this problem with the . It there something different from //
  3. Is it possible to create a wallet without clicking on Create Wallet?
  4. I actually changed one word on my passphrase to test good -> god and I was able to login to a new wallet. Or by doing that I created a new wallet? That is scary, did I just login to someone else wallet?
  5. Is it possible to know the date when the wallet was created? So we could see when the wallet I am currently login was created when I did created it.
  6. Is it possible to verify if the BTC address 17fJ6hcJmw9zTZ9dMbEc2b3srbqAX6QTDa is actually linked to counterparty wallet or not?
  7. Is it possible to know when a BTC address was created? How does counterwallet associate a BTC address to the wallet?

Thank you for clarifying those questions, based on your previous feedback I am trying to figure out what could have happened but I don’t have enough knowledge on our counterparty wallet works to really grasp what could have happened that is why I am giving you enough details and asking some pertinent questions.

I’m not familiar with the football coin wallet. It appears to be a clone of Counterwallet with only cosmetic changes. If this is the case, the passphrase and login should be identical on both. For my answers I assume so.


Yes, any combination of the 1626 words is a wallet. So in theory you can just make a new wallet by writing some random words.[quote=“sito27, post:7, topic:3280”]
4. I actually changed one word on my passphrase to test good -> god and I was able to login to a new wallet. Or by doing that I created a new wallet? That is scary, did I just login to someone else wallet?

There are 162^12 = 3,4e+38 > 2^128 combinations. This is a virtually infinite number and there will never be two identical random passphrases. You can even set a computer to try 1000s of passphrases every second and it will never find someone else wallet. The same logic applies to how bitcoin addresses are generated.

No, nothing beyond checking on xchain if some counterparty transaction have taken place.

I continue to struggle to access my old CounterWallet, from possibly 2017/2018 era. Was never used much, but I only now realized that I do not seem to have my 12 word seed phrase properly backed up. All i have are a quick link (Counterwallet - Free Web Wallet for Bitcoin and Counterparty) and a pass phrase, but this no longer provides direct access to my wallet.

I attempted to poke through the forums for support, but this is the closest topic I was able to find during this brief attempt. Thank you in advance for any guidance the community may be able to provide. I dropped the ball here not properly backing up my seed words. Oof.