What happened to my address

I created a new address and its no longer there. I had btc sent to that address and now I have no idea how to recover it.

It could be that your wallet address is just not displayed in counterwallet yet. Click “Create New Address” a few times to add new addresses to your wallet. I bet the BTC is in one of those addresses :slight_smile:

I just had the same problem please help!!! The address suddenly changed when I logged in. I sent BTC to it and now I don’t know what to do.

Please help

If you write down your 12-word passphrase, then your funds are not lost.

Just login with your 12-word passphrase.

If you do not see your wallet address, click “Create New Address” a few times like the above instructions indicate.

I appreciate the help, it worked out perfectly… the address appeared after clicking create new address a few times. thanks for the help.

I logged in with my phrases and created 11 new addresses and the disappearing address didnt show up. What should I do?

You most likely misspelled one word. Can be something simple like sigh instead of sign. Then you log into new empty wallet.

If you know the address you can use CounterTools to recover the passphrase. It will find it if 11 of 12 words are correct

I did not misspell any word I am copying and pasting them as they were given to me. I have also the disappeared address and its private key. Could this help me to recover my BTC??

With the private key you’re all good. You only have BTC on this address? Even better. You can import it to any bitcoin wallet.

How? Could you please elaborate?

google import private key + whichever bitcoin wallet you use

I opened my counterwallet and clicked into import funds from another wallet, inserted my private key that contains my BTC, amount of BTC is shown, I clicked sweep and after a while it is giving me this msg:

BTC: Funds not sent due to failure.