Account looks like it has been reset to new

When I login to my wallet I only see BTC and XCP at 0.

I am missing my second address account and my SJCX which had over 13,xxx in it. I do not have any history in my account ether. Can you help me with this. It looks like my account was reset.

I found the issue to be that Counterwallet just hid the address and when I added a new address it showed back up. with all of the correct information.

Hi guys,

I have just logged into my counterparts wallet and just like you, the balances in both my Bitcoin and XCP was zero, I have no history and I am missing my wallet address.

Did you manage to rectify this problem?

Also I went to and can see my bitcoins and assets in my wallet address. I just do not have access to my wallet which is very strange.

I think this might be your issue. Login to your wallet and use the “Create New Address” button in the top right corner.

See if this brings back the address you need.

Because the wallet is deterministic, if you ever ‘lose’ your addresses, you can just ask the wallet to generate them again. It will bring back the same ones which went missing.

Let me know if this works!..

Hi Yoda,

I created 3 new account addresses and all 3 addresses have zero balance and no showing my bitcoins and assets🙈

So I assume that none of the three new addresses you created is the address you looked up on, where your balance was visible?

I don’t think I can help. How do you know the address which you looked up? Do you have a record of a transaction somewhere? Are you sure that it’s an address which you previously accessed through your Counterparty wallet?

edit: By the way I’m new here so don’t give up trying just because I’m not helping much!

That is correct. I had only checked my previous wallet address that I had recorded when I had sent some bitcoins to my counterwallet address.
I did not check the balance in of the three new wallet addresses.
I am 100% sure that it is an address that I have previously accessed through my Counterparty wallet.
God bless you, I am trying to understand all of this as well.
To make matters worst when I try to send a private message to the counterparty team, the message will not send🙈. This is such a joke.

I have an idea. If you have the private key of your counterwallet where the coins were still there then you can maybe import that private key into your currently empty counterwallet?

Brilliant idea. How do I obtain the private key?

If you can see your address in counterwallet then choose “Address Actions”->“Show Private Key”. I recommend to always store your private keys safe and have it as backup when your normal login is not working anymore. Then you can import the private key into a new coutnerwallet.

Alternative: I found this in Counterwallet FAQ:
You can mathematically generate your public and private keys using your passphrase. Since the addresses are generated on the fly using JavaScript, it is possible to do this in your own browser (even offline).

  1. Here you can download the Counterwallet address key generator

  2. Extract the zip file and open the tool_generatekey.html

  3. Enter your counterwallet passphrase overwriting the default passphrase

  4. Choose amount of keys you had or more

  5. Click login

=> see your public and private key(s)

  1. Create a new counterwallet with new passphrase

  2. Import private keys to new counterwallet

I hope this is not doing a circle and importing the private key to a new counterwallet helps.

I am having the same issue as sachacato. I downloaded and ran the address key generator up to 99 keys and still did not see my address. Did you have any luck with this method sachacato?