(Lost Load or Limbo!) FLDC to Poloniex address, FLDC Never Arrives

Please help!! Where is my money??? AND WHY THE SPECK AM I BEING CHARGED $6 DOLLARS to transfer my FLDC to my Poloniex account??

My Counterparty FLDC address is 1EdaLNYVFPtnRgy8cgwxBTCkJfYUxF4x7j

My Poloniex FLDC address is 1CocFfpLtERCPt2EJ1JS9zSPj2hFPaXHJr

In exploring blockchain.info, the pattern for success in Feb, March, and April is not duplicated with May.



I have opened a support ticket with Poloniex, and that may take a week or more to actually be addressed, however I am not entirely convinced that this is their fault.

It may take some time for the fldc to arrive if you did not spend extra fees to accelerate the transaction.
e.g. I send 1000 flcd to poloniex yesterday with a low fee and it did not arrive till today.
How much FLDC did you send?

The problem is, the transaction has been “confirmed” a long time ago. Why would it take more than a day to appear “after” the transactions have been confirmed?

Do you see the confirmation also in Poloniex?
If not maybe that is a poloniex problem (also for my transaction…)

The 6 dollars are currently 0,0037 btc so depending on how much FLDC you tried to transfer this may be a reasonable amount.

in a few hours it will have been more than 48 hours since I lost access to my 466,667 FoldingCoin to Poloniex. Today it was worth $3,000, and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

Tokenly Pockets makes you believe that it did what you asked it to do. It has virtually no ability to tell you that there was or might be an issue in what you asked it to do. For the last 4 months, I have made the same mistake over and over, only to find out later that nothing was done. I have then logged on to the Counterparty.io wallet, and attempted transactions, and at times received “no” constructive feedback before or after attempting a transfer.

But this time is different. My funds are stuck. They are “moved” but this time there are two missing transactions that previously have popped in the history upon each successful transfer.

My Counterparty FoldingCoin address is 1EdaLNYVFPtnRgy8cgwxBTCkJfYUxF4x7j . The last transaction that appears in the record of the three previous months’ successful transfers is one from the “previous” FoldingCoin owner 1FLDCL1Q6UBCk4DKdBLM1DQfjE1cgSAE9k to my Poloniex address 1CocFfpLtERCPt2EJ1JS9zSPj2hFPaXHJr. This time it is missing. This transaction is then immediately followed by one where my Poloniex address 1CocFfp… sends a small transaction to that previous owner 1FLDC… and my same Polo address 1CocFfp…

This can be seen here: https://blockchain.info/address/1CocFfpLtERCPt2EJ1JS9zSPj2hFPaXHJr

Poloniex has yet to answer any of my petitions, please, and much less, inquiries. I just read on this support forum that a Ricardo has also currently lost his transfer to Poloniex. I am not sure what kind of evil this is… Is it poor Counterparty implementation (which I have personally experienced several times, but fortunately up until now, without much loss)? Or is it Poloniex in a twisted move to check me as an at-times verbal, whistleblower-appearing client…?

My funds are stuck. They are “moved” but this time there are two missing transactions that previously have popped in the history upon each successful transfer.

That is different to my transaction which shows in counterwallet as valid send but still does not show in poloniex at all since 48 hours too.

This is maybe the same issue still not solved

I will make a support ticket at poloniex for my transaction as well.

Who else can help figure out what is the problem here?

I have run into this same issue. I sent FLDC to Poloniex and Counter Wallet says the transaction was completed 2017/05/08 08:35:35 AM -05:00 but nothing appears at Poloniex’s end. I have tried to sign up for their forums to open a support ticket and have yet to receive a confirmation email. Unrelated, they have also pulled trading for CURE coin, so can anyone recommend another trading site that works with XCP, FLDC, and CURE? I am all ears.

I also made a support ticket for my transaction.
As we are not alone with this issue and it is not our fault I am pretty sure Poloniex will solve this.
https://bittrex.com/ can trade all

Ok. Whenever any one of us hears anything from Poloniex, let’s report it to these threads. I’m also going to make a new thread that tries to track who is currently having issues with Poloniex. This way, we can feel empowered, taking some comfort that we are not alone; and then create an awareness of our problems with this exchange. I will not post any of your names unless you post in that thread, so as to respect your rights.

I know this, I will not be using them for FLDC trading unless they (or anyone) can give me a clear understanding as to why this should have happened. Just last month, for several weeks GridCoin holders could not transfer any of their GRC out of Poloniex. I put in a support ticket, but just ended up getting rid of it for BTC because of the wait, and I couldn’t bring it into my local GridCoin wallet where it would have been useful.

I just missed the highest FLDC trades in several months, maybe more. Maybe, that is a part of the reason why the value is as high as it is: demand exceeding supply —> supply is short —> because some of it is tied up at Polo…?

OK, I see something… I wonder if my FLDC might be tied up in a Double Spending issue. If you have Tokenly Pockets installed in your browser, you can see on https://chain.so in the following transactions that 466666.7 FLDC was transferred twice from the same starter addresses to the same finishing addresses. Problem is I didn’t have 466666.7 x 2 in the original account… Somehow, maybe, a double spend was allowed to occur? I am not currently sure how, or why my funds are just stuck, invisible and presently unusable anywhere.

May 7, 2017 at 01:10

May 7, 2017 at 03:10

-----EDIT 2-----

But the Counterparty block explorer shows the same transactions as one for 466666.7… and the other as 0.000000… So… I should have my money…



Today at Poloniex my transaction appeared and is currently pending :slight_smile:
Double spending may be the reason why it was delayed.

foldfinger, nice. My deposit has also appeared and is currently pending…

And… IT’s GOOD! It’s FREE. I’ve got my FLDC. :sweat_smile:

I sent yesterday 13869.8797230 fldc coin from bitterex to poloniex. I can see my transaction is valid and confirmed but it does not show in poloniex deposite history, I sent support ticket to poloniex.

Guys does it take 3 days to show up in the poloniex?

My friend, I’m having the same problem as yours. Was your issue resolved? your FLDC coins appeared on POLONIEX? thank you