Lost FLDC in transent to poloniex

I sent FLDC to poloniex and it has never arrived… looking at transaction hash it says output unable to decode on the block chain where did my fldc go?

What is your tx hash? Did you send the fldc to poloniex fldc deposit address?

Yes sent to the fldc deposit address and here is the tx hash 2b217b2c611fcb1ddfb7ee643176bce11c62b88531c1dbda7e9dd4958c59ee01

Send of 79,790.9666 FLDC to 1K1jjXmNruBm4wAHRxAh9SSNtJ3cfNUqAs

OK transaction is valid so the coins arrived at https://xchain.io/address/1K1jjXmNruBm4wAHRxAh9SSNtJ3cfNUqAs. But poloniex sometimes takes some time until the value is shown in your poloniex account fldc address. Maybe wait another day and make a support ticket at poloniex.

Ok thank you very much, I have sent there a few times and never had to wait very long so I was worried it got lost…

Nothing yet have opned two tickets at polo no reply

My friend, I’m having the same problem as yours. Was your issue resolved? your FLDC coins appeared on POLONIEX? thank you