This is an emergency

25 hours ago, I did a transfer from my counterwallet account to Poloniex. It was a transfer of 18,000 FLDC coins which never arrived in Poloniex. I checked the Poloniex address which I used to make the transfer 10 times and it is correct. Now, this transfer is more than $800 dollars and it can not be lost. What happened? Here is the information from your history:

cef96 465268 2017/05/07 06:03:57 AM -06:00 My Address #1 Send Send of 184,005.9819 FLDC to 1BSofEHXymxXqBcrrNMRfgDzeYJjjMxFYL
465268 2017/05/07 06:03:57 AM -06:00 My Address #1 Debit Address My Address #1 debited for 184,005.9819 FLDC

This is the information from Poloniex:

FLDC FoldingCoin 0.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 Deposit Withdraw
Your FoldingCoin Deposit Address
Show QR Code
IMPORTANT: Send only FLDC to this deposit address.
Sending any other currency to this address may result in the loss of your deposit.

Now I better not hear that I used the wrong address because it will drive me mad.

PS Before I forget this is my counterwallet address: 16cDsE3qDkDu2FeFt8fv4Sq8S2r6GtYSaH

CounterpartyChain confirms what you described.

It’s an issue with Polo. What does their support say?

We have maybe the same issue here still not solved

They don’t. And that is a huge problem for me.

Ricardo, at the beginning of your post I think you meant to type “184,000” instead of “18,000