FLDC to Poloniex address, FLDC Never Arrives

(I’m from Brazil and I do not speak English, I’m using google translator, I’m sorry.)
Sunday 10/12/2017 I sent FLDC from Bittrex to Poloniex and the transfer from Bittrex is complete but the coins never arrived at Poloniex the address of the wallet is correct I opened a complaint ticket from Bittrex and at Poloniex the staff from Bittrex answered me quick showing me that on their part everything is correct on the other hand the Poloniex never answered me, please someone has already gone through this and can you help me? thank you.

Though the transaction is complete Poloniex may take some days until the funds are shown in your account.

in Poloniex does not appear or pending, is this normal?

You are not the first one to report this. And after some days the funds normally arrive. Did you send the fldc to the correct poloniex deposit address for fldc?


Perfect! Just wait Poloniex is overloaded because of the bitcoin hype.