I'm having issues with Counterwallet. Are there alternative Counterparty (XCP) wallets?

It could be that there’s an issue with the site, or with the underlying Bitcoin Core (too busy, for example) or something else. If you suspect it might be a client (browser) issue, you can try to debug it from client-side.

Try another browser

  • Try your existing browser in Incognito/Private mode or clear browser cache
  • Try another browser

Have you tried multiple Counterwallet sites?

Consider alternative wallets

All these use the same 12-word pass phrase that is used by Counterwallet, and provide access to the same wallet as Counterwallet. Not all of them can use the DEx or issue assets, but all can send and receive BTC and Counterparty tokens.

NOTE - while all such lists are for your reference only (we can’t vouch that these wallets don’t have issues, etc.) - now there’s a list at https://counterparty.io/wallets/ which may be more up to date. Most wallets below are listed on the main site, but consider this list “outdated” and use the main Web site.


  • Some 3rd party wallets allow you to set your own (BTC) transaction fees which may be lower than in Counterwallet
  • If you want to perform some due diligence prior to using 3rd party wallets, in some cases they’re open source, and in others you can check their respective community or source code repository.

Wallets with Counterparty issuance and/or DEx trading features

  • Counterwallet
  • Indiesquare Wallet
  • Book of Orbs Wallet
  • Rare Pepe Wallet
  • BTCPayMarket.com

Testnet Wallets

Currently only Counterwallet provides testnet wallet access.

Command-line and API-based access to funds and DEx

These are listed in order of difficulty

  • Use counterparty-client (requires full Bitcoin Core node with addrindex, works on Windows and Linux and some examples are available here)
  • Use Counterparty Federated Node (runs in Docker, can optionally run local Counterwallet instance, downloads a full copy of Bitcoin blockchain (> 100 GB))
  • Use Counterparty and Bitcoin API (for developers and advanced users; a how-to)
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