Was My first address disappeared?

I created my wallet ((2017-12).
When I logged in for the first time, I checked my wallet address.(first addres;1KQR1TNxhBJihGN1LfFo2uH6W7dhvQtEJU)
So I deposited XCP (231.9 XCP) in my first address.
(Transaction Hash;90f5c6d00edf542a77119e07c54fca0f22fe413941dc74c786cd58d904124c51) (origin address (source);1PNkBxnz5ePW8FeK6CSs8V2fGHcN9B6HNk)
After a few minutes I logged in counterwallet using first & same 12 words pass-phrase,I was logged in another address’s wallet.(1Mz4LvQAQGWykxoCH5eKHYxaYq8nSM69DB)
I noticed my first address’s wallet was disappeared.(first address;1KQR1TNxhBJihGN1LfFo2uH6W7dhvQtEJU)
Where is my first adderess’s wallet?
So as in this support site, I made new addresses in my second wallet .But I couldn’t find it.
So I used Counterparty Wallet’s tools.
Althogh I checked addresses(max it allowed:99),I couldn’t find my first address and private key .

I tried to send message for counterwallet’s support, but I couldn’t return their reply.
Please tell me how to this problem.I want to regain coins.
Help me ! I expect your kind response.

Any chance there is a typo in your 12 works pass-phrase? That would explain that you logged in to another empty wallet.

Do you have the private key of your first wallet?

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Thank you for your reply.

I do not think I made a typo. Because I copied and pasted the pass-phrase.
I have 12 works pass-phrase. But Unfortunately I do not have an initial wallet private key.

Is there any solution?Please help me.

I don’t know if this makes a difference but can you try another server and browser?

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Thank you for your prompt reply.
I tried another server and browser.
Unfortunately I was logged in to my 2nd wallet.

As you could not retrieve your first address using the counterparty tools the passphrase must be different.

Although you said it was copy pasted you can still try to repair the passphrase using counterparty tools.

Choose Passphrase Repair and enter below your passphrase and your first address 1KQR1TNxhBJihGN1LfFo2uH6W7dhvQtEJU then click search. It will try modify the passphrase to match the first address. But that will only work if only one word is different. If more than one word is different then you are lost, I’m sorry.

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I was stupid…Using counterparty tool,I got first wallet.
Despite copying carefully, it seems that the passphrase was wrong.
Thanks to you , I logged in first wallet.
Thank you so much ,Thank you for your kindness.

I havent been able to retrieve 1st wallet