Error I can not send BTC

Please tell me the solution.
I am in trouble because I can not send BTC.
When I try to send BTC I get the following error.

Error making request to UNKNOWN/Default: JSON-RPC Error:
Type: Server error

Code: -32000

Message: Bad status code returned: ‘500’. result body: '{“result”:null,“error”:{“code”:-26,“message”:“64: too-long-mempool-chain”},“id”:0} '.

What should I do?

Interesting, I haven’t seen this one before…

It’s a Bitcoin Core error [1] due to the congestion on the bitcoin blockchain today. You can retry later.


Thank you for reply.
I am facing this error for more than 24 hours ago.
Can I do anything but wait?

Yes you could use some other wallet listed at - most of them work with the same pass phrase.

I think yesterday the Bitcoin network was overloaded. We found that Bitcoin Core that’s used by Counterwallet servers has crashed, so we restarted it this morning and the service is up.

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