Trouble logging in to CP Wallet site?

I have counter party assets in a wallet which I can only reach to do dispensers at the Counterwallet - Free Web Wallet for Bitcoin and Counterparty site in my browser. For the last two days this is all I get a never opening wallet online. It never opens for me anymore. I would like to get another means to hold and dispense my tokens if that is possible and recover all my tokens and upgrade another asset too. BUT I CAN’T get into the wallet to do anything including load any BTC needed to pay for asset upgrades. I have had failure after failure trying to upgrade and pay $5 bitcoin when the servers says it can not reach the wallet. My email is can someone help me ?

Try using DESKTOP wallet as that is the most up to date wallet which supports all the current features of Counterparty (Dex, sweep, mpma, dispensers, etc)

been there did that, still won’t load the wallet in any browser except one moble wallet extension.
And from that wallet no dispensers …

Had to change wallet servers about 20 times , then it finally worked.

Now this … walletclosed_p servers are old/outdated… you should be using DESKTOP wallet… You will continue to have issues with… so no need to keep trying to use it an posting everytime you have an issue here.

If you download DESKTOP wallet (read that, DESKTOP, not mobile), then you should be able to load up your 12-word passphrase that you enter into and have the wallet access the exact same addresess as in