Something can be withdrawal from Counterwallet without problems?

Its writes all the time that “Insufficient BTC”, when there are many of them. And so every time.The change in the commission does NOT help.
And to withdraw that either from a wallet it is IMPOSSIBLE.

One solution is to first send the “needed” BTC to the counterwallet, e.g. 0.001 BTC. Then withdraw the coins you want but use a lower fee to not spend too much for fee.

Thanks for the answer. I have a BTC on a counterwallet (more than 0.001BTC). But always the same thing writes-what commission I do not put 10-20-50 satosh for 1 BIT still writes that there is no fund…

Can you provide your address? If not, it doesn’t matter.

You could check out couple of 3rd party community wallets and decide if any of them is suitable for you. Counterwallet has had issues with this problem and one was fixed, so it now this still happens, but rarely.