I have not log in to my wallet since April 2014. I can not Log in!

Hi. how do i get to recover my xcp. I participated in the ico and i’m yet to get the coin. Although i have tried to log in on many wallet yet i could not and yet my passphrase 12 words are valid. How can you help

Which “many” wallets have you tried?

There aren’t many wallets to begin with.
There’s Counterwallet, Indiesquare Wallet and 2-3 others.

The way burn worked was anyone who sent BTC to the burn address got in return a certain amount of XCP to the address from which he sent the bitcoins, so XCP’s were sent out automatically.
There were no other rules or distribution methods.

So do you mean to suggest that my xcp is in my bitcoin wallet! How do i access it as xcp!

I suggest that it’s not clear where your XCP is, so as long as you don’t offer a clear statement of the problem, it’s unlikely you’ll get much help.


  • If you used Counterwallet before May 2014, login to Counterwallet and import funds from the old address (if you know it)

This is all explained in existing FAQs on this site.