XCP shows on XCHAIN but cannot export to Counterwallet

Hello. I am able to see how many XCPs I have on XCHAIn, but when I go to my Counterwallet to import it, Counterwallet asks for my private key where the XCPs are stored. I do not have a private key. I have a bitcoin address on XCHAIN and a QR code to scan. I need help please.

So you have a counterwallet address and there is some address you see at xchain you want to import. For the xchain address do you have the 12 word pass phrase?

Good evening ,

Thanks for your reply. No, for the xchain address there is not a 12 word pass phrase. The company that set it up for me only set me a link to click on that shows me the amount of money I have on the xchain site. But I do not have a pass phrase.

Then you need to contact the company to give you the 12 word passphrase or the private key.