I can no login in wallet

Good day. I can no login, only can see a bar for a long time. Fix it please.

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I have the same issue, what’s going on ?

Good afternoon. For 12 hours can’t go in your wallet. The password is
accepted, but does not come in a purse. What’s the problem?

https://wallet.counterwallet.io/ appears temporarily down.
https://counterwallet.coindaddy.io/ shall work

See current status on https://counterwallet.io/

Unfortunately this downtime happened as I was buying some XCP from the BTC I had. Got some weird failoverAPI server errors. Now BTC shows subtraction but no XCP added.
This was like my first day on mainnet with XCP so its baptism by fire. How do I go about getting my XCP now? Its been a day since.