Received empty COUNTERWALLET

Hi, can someone please help me. Someone has created my wallet for my STBV currency. After they created it they sent me my Exchain wallet showing my Exchain address & the amount of STBV that I have in it and also my pass phase to log into my COUNTERWALLET. When I login my COUNTERWALLET i have a 0 balance and my address is different from my Exchain address… I also don’t have a private key in my COUNTERWALLET. I’m not able to do anything in my COUNTERWALLET. It is making me sick & I can’t sleep. Can anyone please help me & tell me what’s going on? Am I doing something wrong or what?
Thank you

You might want to review this post as it is directly related to STBV and your questions

I’ll try to answer your question, but you should also look at the other discussion linked by the person who responded before I did. When you say “Exchain”, do you mean That is the main blockchain explorer for counterparty. That means, its purpose is to display information about counterparty accounts, assets and transactions. If xchain is not what you mean, then I I don’t know what you’re referring to. It sounds like you are talking about xchain and it’s also obvious to an experienced user what the issue is. I have created counterparty wallets for people and given them a pass phrase and a link to the xchain page for that same counterparty account. The main issue you describe is that if the address of your counterparty account is different from the address displayed on the xchain link, then you are looking at a different account. Not an xchain account because there is no such thing. The only accounts or wallets shown on xchain are counterparty accounts, not separate accounts on the xchain website. You might be able to look at a bitcoin account on there as well, but xchain is just a tool for looking at accounts on the blockchain.

You cannot create or do anything with an account via xchain except look at it. The place where you can do something with the account is counterwallet which is how you access counterparty. But since you’re saying that the pass phrase you were given is for a different address and there is a zero balance in your counterparty account, then there is nothing in there. You should not put anything into that account, either, because the person who gave you the pass phrase also has the pass phrase. If the pass phrase was sent over the internet, then any number of people could have seen it on the way. It is possible there was something in it and someone with the pass phrase took it out. You can check that by viewing the history of the account on xchain with the correct address. It is simple to create a free counterparty account by just going to and clicking “create account”, then writing down the 12 word pass phrase. So if you want one, create a new one. As for the private key, with counterwallet, you never have a private key. You just use the pass phrase. I know it’s different than any other system. I don’t know why this is making you sick unless you think there is a large amount of money that is supposed to be in there. Someone else posted something very similar in which they said they had 3 million XCP in their “xchain wallet” because it showed 3 and was displayed “in millions”. As far as I know, xchain does not display balances in millions and there are only 2.6 million total XCP in existence. If you saw a balance in “your account” on xchain, but it’s not the same address that your pass phrase connects to, then that’s not your account being displayed there. If it shows 3 XCP, that means 3 XCP, not 3 million XCP.

One other thing, it is possible to create additional addresses in the same counterwallet account. The first screen you see after you login will display them all, with the first one at the top and the others on the lines below. There is only one default address when an account is created and the default name is “My Address #1” or something like that. If you don’t see others below it, then there are not other addresses.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it sounds like someone is trying to scam you and others.

Thank you for answering my questions.
Yes I’m talking about I’m sorry for the mistake in spelling.
Your answer brought me relief just to know that I’m not doing anything wrong on my part. When I had brought that to the attention of the person that sent me my wallet & asked why I had an empty COUNTERWALLET all I have was my activity in link that I received by email with my pass phase which brought me to an empty COUNTERWALLET, I was told that I was doing something wrong & I needed to do my research and get my answers & go on the Dex because the answer is out there
,and not to contact them anymore they would no longer answer my questions. It brought me lots of emotional pain & suffering because I was trying my best to go on the Dex & I couldn’t. On 02/08/19 this is what my is showing on the link that I received it shows the amount of currency that I have and next to it XCP ($6,148,924.38). I’ve asked the person that sent my link to me several times what does this amount stands for & I never got my answer. I was told to go & find out on my own. That amount change everyday according to the market.
If you know why it’s showing in my please let me know.
Thank you so much for being there for me & answering my questions.

Now I am interested what deal do you do with this STBV company? How do you get in contact? And why do you believe they give you 3 million dollar in some coins?

Currently I only know it is the same guys behind troptions coin.

To Foldinger, you already have the answer to your question with the link that you post.
Thank you

No I do not