FLDC to Binance Never Arrived!


I’m new to Counterwallet and I believe I made a big mistake, however, looking for some verifications.

I had 21K folding coin, which I attempted to send to my Binance account. When I selected the option to send my FLDC, it asked for a Bitcoin address.

I inputted my Bitcoin address from Binance, and sent the coins.

Now, when I look at my Counterwallet coins, my folding coins do not show up, and I can see that the transactions was, “valid”. However, when I look at my Bitcoin address on the other exchange, I do not see any coins.

Can someone explain what is going on? After reading the forums, I do not see anything regarding Binance, so I’m sure I did something wrong. Just trying to either get my coins back, or learn from my mistakes.

Thanks for your time and any help you can provide me in advance!

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While Counterparty can work with any Bitcoin address, the Binance is probably only listening for BTC deposits on this address and not deposits of other cryptos/tokens/coins.

At this point Binance probably has your FLDC stuck in your BTC deposit address, and the best/only way to get it returned or credited to your Binance account would be to contact Binance customer support.

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Thank you!

I have opened a ticket with Binance, and will post the outcome here.