Counterwallet glitch or good guy counterparty? Can pending transactions affect other transactions?

I made a transaction in counterwallet a few days ago that never showed, neither as an unconfirmed transaction. Specifically 25 FANTOKEN from 1C2iVCgAZFqqVVnGzuea8N8SuWmg6EmGHb, everything seemed fine and the confirmation pop-up in counterwallet showed. However, it hasn’t been broadcast.

Could there have been an issue with the counterwallet server when I made the transaction, and I should just try again?
Or can other pending transactions have an effect and this is some sort of “fail-safe” in counterparty?

I namely have a pending dividend transaction from a few weeks ago that has yet to be confirmed. Here, 1000 FANTOKEN are meant to be shared amongst FANTOKEN holders (there’s 20000 FANTOKEN outside the originating address, so each FANTOKEN should be receiving 0.05).

Makes sense that an ordinary transaction wouldn’t go through in such a case since I could basically empty the wallet before the dividend transaction by frontrunning ordinary transactions with higher fees. By the time the dividend transaction makes it on the chain there would be no tokens left to do the dividend.

I’m guessing that when a dividend transaction is made it calculates which addresses has the token at that time and how much each of these addresses should receive. That’s what gets broadcasted right? It isn’t a “live” calculation of some sort? Otherwise it would mess with the dividend transaction if the amount of outstanding tokens change.

While we’re on the subject, what exactly is going on the blockchain when an ordinary Counterparty transaction is made? Does it say to send x amount from one address to another, and that’s the info that goes into OP_RETURN?