Low fees & a lost transaction issue


I need a little help here with fee calculation for BTC transaction.
Few days back I send some coins from one of my counterparty wallet to a personal wallet to cash the money. But the fees was very low, the transaction got cancelled or what but I got my money back in my originating wallet within few days. So I created a new transaction with a little higher fees unaware of the recommended fee required.

Now the blocktrail is showing that the 1st transaction has been double-spent by the 2nd transaction but still none of these transaction got any confirmations.

1st Transaction

2nd Transaction

The live.blockcypher[dot]com was showing my both the transactions but only when it was active:

Again I got my money back in counterwallet[dot]coindaddy[dot]io and I calculated the fee like 671sat/byte and tried to send the transaction again from counterwallet[dot]coindaddy[dot]io, At that time wallet.counterwallet[dot]io server was not accessible.

Now when I log into coindaddy it shows Bal: 0.00032635 (0.00038064) with a processing icon whereas when I access my wallet from counterwallet it shows Bal: 0.0001086 (0.0001629) with a processing icon as well.

I cannot find anymore information or transactions on my wallet in any of the block tracking websites.

Is my money still with the counterparty wallet or stuck in my 2nd transaction? What should I do next to get my money back

Vikas Rana

Looks like the servers need to sync and coindaddy is offline but wallet.counterwallet.io works again. I would recommend to wait till tomorrow to see if the transaction gets cancelled or confirmed.