Pending Send in Counterparty Wallet (and not in Coindaddy Wallet)

Hallo I try to send some bitcrystals (bcy) out of my counterwallet yestarday (via counterparty server) but the tx is still pending (more than 24h).
I check on the wallet and I do not see any tx ongoing?

What should I do?
Is the TX in the counterparty wallet still valid and in “wait mode”?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

This issue is like all the others in this Section - the (Bitcoin) network is too busy now and transactions are crawling…

The TX may have been broadcast to the network (I can’t tell since you haven’t pasted the address or tx_id) but if it’s been broadcast and now can’t get enough confirmations due to congestion or too low a miners’ fee, then you’ll have to resend after you can.

I was told that all BTC transactions (Counterparty, BTC, non-Counterparty metacoins, etc.) are having problems, so there’s nothing that can be done.
You could try to re-send manually, potentially with a higher transaction fee (I don’t know if CounterTools allow custom TX fees, but Counterwallet uses a default fee that’s “resonable” for everyone, but doesn’t work well when congestion or spam attack happens).

Edit: by the way, CounterTools allow you to set a custom TX fee. You could check Bitcoin forums or those sites which show the currently required TX fees and try to set it to that for that one transaction (don’t forget to revise to default later).