Cancel pending transactions



I used some unconfirmed balance to send transactions, but it won't confirm for a week now, nor will it anytime soon.


I send some extra bitcoin with added fee, that confirmed and I am now ready to send out my ltbcoins again. But they are still locked up in the previous transactions, is there a way to cancel pending transactions?

Balance even went into the negative, double spend.


Pictures didn’t show up for some reason, here are they again:


Recieving Address is: 1HExBNbSRVEdXDuxNLoJjDGmSer4u4NTBY

and Sending : 15fKBAXbocq5swKRjxHy6nVazQxHEJZVNV

If you ask for help, you better paste the addresses because most people aren’t too enthusiastic about retyping bitcoin addresses from images.

Also, it’s unclear which address you’re talking about. How could someone know which address is “new Main”?
1HExBNbSRVEdXDuxNLoJjDGmSer4u4NTBY has no Counterparty assets (0 balance), so it can’t send anything right now.
If you ask for help, you better paste the addresses because most people aren't too enthusiastic about retyping bitcoin addresses from images.

Yeah, sorry, updated 2nd post.
I thought this was a general question relating counterparty, so I didn't include the address.

Okay, NP.

Here I see that the receiving address received 143K LTBCOIN on 2014-10-28 10:45:21 UTC
The other send to this address didn’t go through (probably the sender didn’t have any LTBCOIN?)
Right now you can send 0 coins (I think there’s a request for enhancement to disable that somewhere on Github counterpartyd).

Now your 140K send (from the screenshot) didn’t go through. 
I can’t tell why - I can’t even see that transaction among the address’s transactions here:
We know that it didn’t happen, but we don’t know what was the situation at the time.

Are you saying that you had (approximately) 143K LTBCOINs and that 143K was sent while 140K are “stuck” in this “sending” state and are neither available at the sending nor receiving side? In that case it seems you haven’t “double spent”, you “only” have a zombie transaction that is not good (and most likely won’t complete).

Edit: I forgot to answer the question… Pending transactions cannot be cancelled as they’ve been (or should have been) broadcast on the network. When they receive enough confirmations (3) they will reflect in the address’s balance. I am not sure if it’s possible to set the transaction fee to say 0 and then have the transaction broadcast but never processed.
And also I don’t know if it’s possible to have incoming BTC but not yet confirmed 3 times and then make a transaction based on that BTC which then fails as the BTC transactions didn’t complete.

Did you change the default transaction fee in wallet Settings?