Counterparty 2015

I like that post not because it’s supportive of Counterparty but because I believe it’s correct.

We don’t know what will happen, but the devs have done an amazing job and with integrity too.

It’s a little circle-jerky but it’s a good summary as well. Wrote a comment in there encouraging people to skip the cursory glance at Counterparty and just go down the rabbit hole already.

There sure is a lot of hysteria, positive and negative…

I think that if XCP manages to unseat litecoin from 2nd place in crypto market cap then that will be a tremendous day.

@Peter, come to think of it, that’s actually not such a bold claim as it seems. 

Maybe I shoudl buy “moar” (
I’ve been claiming (the thread about XCP price speculation) that compared to valuations of various (Tier 2) commercial wallet vendors XCP tokens are undervalued, but of course I’ve no clue.