How much will Counterparty rise?

If I buy right now when its 15.47 , is it going to 20 or more ? and when will it happen ?

Dumb question, go buy a crystal ball.

Good luck.

what do you want to tell me now ?
what is the fucking advantages of your god damn answer ?
I wanted to say more , but I stay polite.
If you don’t know anything , just go away and dont answer me, nobody forced you to answer me , and call my question dumb. I needed help from a pro , someone who is a trader.

I’ll be cautious not to give any recommendation but across the board China is the big demand driver.

I noticed for Litecoin the price is $46-47 in CNY versus $42-43 in BTC.

For XCP the price is $48 in CNY on Bter, while just $18-19 in XCP Poloniex/Bittrex

XCP is such an extreme case since 1) low volume and 2) change happened overnight and 3) arbitrage is very difficult and 4) Bter is the only Chinese XCP exchange.

I’ve heard several warnings about Bter, so please do your own due diligence if you consider using them.

So, normal arbitrage that would exist between different markets, don’t work here … or at least it will takes some time until the prices equalize. Will the prices meet halfway, or at the current Polo BTC level or at the Bter CNY level? I don’t know.

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thanks. good information and answer.