Litecoin parallel?

Putting this out there simply as curiousity… I note Omni have made a move to seeing Litecoin support though the reasons for that are obscure… I wonder if there is sense it in for seeing faster transactions and perhaps dodging the politics that BTC seems intent on indulging.

Would there be any benefit in CounterParty supporting a similar capability in Litecoin? Would it be simple to implement - or has Litecoin become substantially different from Bitcoin - or is it the other way round??

I’ve never rated Litecoin and cannot quite see how the value in the brand would be maintained as one but then wonder that Omni and CounterParty have a lot in common in how they use BTC, perhaps worth asking the question???

My instinct is that utility brings reward but unless there is some route to equivalence in token value and in XCP value, then it would practically be a different coin and then of less interest. If on the other hand there is some exotic way of seeing CounterParty bridging BTC and LTC… would that see CounterParty made bigger than both?.. like man going to Mars and not relying on just this rock. Why go to the moon when you can land on Mars??

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