Counterparty vs Ethereum

What;s your take on Ethereum? I see their Reddit is more active than yours, their blocktime is very short, and one Ether is more valuable than an XCP.

Basically what do you guys have that they don’t? Why bet on the XCP horse, not theirs? :horse:

Counterparty should be seen as an extension of Bitcoin and value is relative (for example, Counterparty issued around 2.6 million tokens) and what’s better for someone depends on use case scenario (obviously if you need a shorter block time, then you’d use Ethereum or any other network with a short blocktime - there’s a bunch of them).

Ethereum has some good characteristics, but it’s just started (and based on proof-of-work, which the final version isn’t supposed to use).

Counterparty is Bitcoin, so most of our news is on r/bitcoin. The counterparty_xcp subreddit isn’t terribly active as a result.

Ethereum is built on a terrible blockchain, and they readily admit that (which is why it’s scheduled for replacement already). As for their blocktime, that’s a bug - not a feature :

Ethereum is a nearly bankrupt, and poorly constructed blockchain that is highly unlikely to withstand the load of its ambition. In contrast, Counterparty has an enormous community, and a stable blockchain.

I would love to see a detailed breakdown on the major differences between the two when you get a chance @brighton36 (or anyone else who would like to do it)

Oh man - it’s a moving target. But, Ethereum cures’ whatever ails you, depending on when and where they are in their fundraising efforts. And counterparty ‘just works’.