Just a reminder that Counterparty is fully open-source and community run

For some reason I still see a lot of people referring to XCP as a company or business, and that’s not true. Counterparty is an open-source project that did not raise any funding.

Open-source implies the code is readable by non-technical people?

FYI, I solved that problem. Contact me for more info.

Open-source implies that anyone can download and look through the source code, and modify it if they want to. Counterparty is written in Python and has a very readable source code compared to Bitcoin. However, I think source code by definition cannot be read by non-technical people though.

Thanks for the reminder, I’am in full support of the counterparty project. I have been looking around at Bitcoin 2.0 developments for a while and I really get a good vibe from the counterparty developers. The proof-of-burn had me sold. I’m so enthused I even opened a counterparty forum, an unofficial one one might call it, where I and possibly others can express their views. I hope this is fine with you guys. Willing to accept any considerations put forth.