Bitcoind 0.9.2 jmcorgan (addrindex patch) stuck at block 280006

There’s been several cases of bitcoind (the patched version 0.9.2 used in Fed Node 9.49.3) getting stuck at block 280006.

a) The blockchain itself is up to date, but bitcoind responds only up to 280006.
b) Reindexing the blockchain doesn’thelp

Since bitcoind 0.10 is going to be supported going forward, anyone who gets stuck this way should best stop bitcoind, build 0.10.0 (with addrindex patch - see

Related instructions:

@something I know this is most likely not the case, but just FYI chrome is tagging the compiled windows binaries at as malware.

Updated to 0.10.0

Looks like bitcoind doesn’t support some RPC functionality anymore: " Unknown RPC command: searchrawtransactions. Switch to jmcorgan."

Somehow it has fixed itself after “counterblockd --reparse”. %-)

@mtbitcoin, good to know that. Weird, I use Chrome but I didn’t experience the problem, probably because the binaries are the same as I already have installed on my system. 

Maintaining those is a nightmare, just OpenSSL had three updates this year (v1.0.2 just came out) and Bitcoin Core two.

But the problem with this block thing is with v0.9.2 jmcorgan on Linux (built automatically using the Fed Node install script) and it wasn’t yet experienced with 0.10 (either those built by BTCDrak or by me). v0.10 seems to behave better, but it also seems to be more memory hungry.

@something Yeah.. it is indeed.

I had similar issues of it getting stuck with 0.9.2 at 28XXX blocks when I reattempted to rebuild the entire thing from scratch (including the bitcoin blocks). I had to copy it over from another working install ..

I saw btcdrak had 0.10 rc2 released ? Does that address any issues in the rc1 ?

@mtbitcoin: I think the main things for me are these:

a) increased timeout (compared to 0.9.x, in 0.10.0 beta and rc1 I was seeing a lot of timeouts in debug.log before, now it seems less)
b) improved validation (guarding against strict OpenSSL DER checks and some similar improvements - also dependency on the new OpenSSL 1.0.1k)
c) catch LevelDB errors during shutdown (always a good thing, considering how troublesome it is to reindex)

There were some other fixes and improvements that you may be interested in (e.g. only track UTXO modification after lookup) - see this for details:

Edit: By the way yesterday I installed BTCDrak’s binaries for Windows x86 (among other OS I have a small Atom-based notebook running a 32-bit version of Win 8.1) and MS Defender wouldn’t let me execute the installer. I had to override it.