[IMPORTANT] Announcement regarding recent Bitcoin spam transactions

With the recent Bitcoin spam transaction volume, the modified version of bitcoind that counterparty uses (bitcoind-addrindex) will periodically experience responsiveness issues.

The cause of this appears to be a the large mempool size, and we have seen bitcoind-addrindex become unresponsive starting with mempool sizes anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 entries.

At the moment, the best method to mitigate this problem seems to be adding the following parameters to one’s bitcoin.conf, which will cause your node to ignore most of these spam transactions:


This will greatly slow the growth rate of the mempool, and reduce its size, but does not seem to eliminate the problem at the moment.

We are currently investigating the situation further and working on a more robust solution. Stay tuned for updates.


I bought some gemz which uses counterparty. I bought them 20+ hours ago and I have yet to see them in my account. Should I be concerned? Thanks.

I cannot see the gems transactions when I input the latest ones into blockscan. I can see the first 3 transaction, but not the last 3. I made a total of 6 transactions. I don’t mind waiting. But if the gems are forever lost I will not invest more money. Thanks.