Counterwallet not letting me login - stuck loading

Hi there, I’m trying to login but the bar underneath login details stays stuck loading. Can this be resolved? Thanks

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Hi i have exactly the same issue. i have tried putting in my password and also tried 12 word phrase still its not working.

anyone know how to fix this issue

Fixed now thanks

I am getting the same issue. It is just hanging at the login screen. Is there an issue still?

I have the same issue, keeps loading…

First time using site. I concur, waited 10 minutes nothing happened.

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Hey everyone, main site displays “system is down”

Yep, I’ve been here all day on both counterwallet and the daddy one too.

Literally all day both wallets have had that Red System is Down button on them… Is anyone still using counterparty at all these days? You’d think they’d notice having no access to their funds. :frowning:

I can not log into Counterwallet. Everything just shows the “progress bar” as full but moving.

I have exactly the same problem, it just loads…

Same problem. Chrome browser. Clear cache.

Enter the seed and get stuck with loading bar.

Experiencing the same issue, please advise?

Same Problem…is there something I can do about?It is so frustrating not being able to access my Money :frowning: This should never happen…so much can depend on it…

I’m also having the same problem. What’s going on?

This problem is persisting! Its a problem for mye SJXC tokens. Following error is from my JS log

[22/5/2017 15:34:56.871] Got an error when trying to sync BTC balances: JSON-RPC Error:

Type: Server error

Code: -32000

Message: Got call_jsonrpc_api request error: result is None – is the ‘http://counterparty:4000/api/’ endpoint operational?

bump! Also having same problem

same here. can’t login.

Its failing again…

Plz help.

thanks for the update

Same problem.