Reindex bitcoin-qt

So I have been running --reindex command on bitcoind for 24 hours, is there supposed to be a progress bar?  I don’t know if it is working?

Does this screenshot look normal?  It looks like it is using the network, disk space, memory, etc.  How long do you think it will take?

Thanks  :smiley:

Go into your Bitcoin app directory and open the debug.log file. If you scroll to the bottom of the file, you’ll be able to see the block that was last indexed since you started indexing. If you look at the log time of the last indexed block and it’s close to the current time at that moment, then it’s working.

perfect Omnio!  Yep its actually working  8)  I hope I don’t unplug anything.    Would it pick up where it left off?

So it looks like it is done reindexing the block chain,

it is just doing transactions now, can anyone confirm that with the picture attached?  It seems like it will go on for ever!  Does anyone know how long it will take?  Can I turn it off now?  What would happen?  It’s been on all weekend.

Hey guys I need to bump this,

Is there any way for me in debug.log to figure out some kind of progress level, so I can estimate how much time it will take.  I am not sure I can even do it

My way is checking the bitcoin data directory. When reindex is running, the subdir named chainstate is changing. I spend about 2 days to reindex my bitcoin data.

It’s way easier by running bitcoin-qt.exe --reindex
That way you actually get a progress bar.

[quote author=halfcab123 link=topic=144.msg1096#msg1096 date=1393995671]
It’s way easier by running bitcoin-qt.exe --reindex
That way you actually get a progress bar.

That means modify the shutcut info?


does anyone know why it is taking me longer than 2 days?  In fact 5 days now in the morning…  I will probably have to turn it off I feel bad for my cpu (its just a laptop)

what did I do?  I think it actually finished but I didn’t have wallet.dat in there…  Can I pick up where I left off??  It took like 5 days  :-[

you don’t have to modify the shortcut info, as a matter of fact that is kind of a waste of time because you have to change it back, you don’t want to reindex everytime.

Just open command prompt at the location of the bitcoin-qt installation or perhaps even the shortcut and run the command:

bitcoin-qt.exe --reindex