[ANN][MEAT] Kingdom of Loathing

I have create an asset called “MEAT” which I am backing with “meat” from the game “The Kingdom of Loathing” (http://kingdomofloathing.com/).

The details are explained here: [font=Verdana][size=78%]http://blockscan.com/assetInfo.aspx?q=MEAT[/size][/font]

This is “just for fun” in that I’m probably not going to create a separate website and list share-holders; BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Even with silly Bitcoin ventures, it doesn’t hurt to do everything out in the open, and you can find me on these forums, the bitcointalk forums, or in #bitcoin-assets on freenode. I’m registered with gribble and the WoT.

Buying and selling meat is not explicitly forbidden in the KoL ToS, but I have been in contact with a moderator who seems to think it isn’t allowed. For this reason, I do not officially offer the service of exchanging “meat” for MEAT (decreasing the supply of MEAT). The idea with this asset is to speculate on the price of meat, and not to move wealth out of the game.

Also, as of this posting, MEAT is ranked #5 on the “Top Assets” Market Cap Leaderboard. <3