[ANN] New Spells of Genesis Wallet/Marketplace (https://SOGParty.com/BETA) #Devparty

Hi All - I launched the demo for my entry into the Devparty contest a couple of days ago and wanted to announce it here too. The site is available at https://SoGParty.com/BETA It’s a forked version of counterwallet that is tailored for Spells of Genesis game assets. The project is live in Beta and is fully endorsed by Spells of Genesis as well (see their announcement on their slack and twitter: https://twitter.com/SpellsofGenesis/status/696032909711556608)

Features and details:

  • Market Layout The markets all include the SOG card graphic. The market list display also uses more standard metrics like Bid (highest buy offer), Ask (lowest sell offer), and Last (last trade price) that people may be more familiar with. The other columns in the market list are SOG specific and give info on card rarity (issuance amount) and warn about card divisibility (early cards were divisible so fractional cards may be sold).

  • BITCRYSTALS and BTC Markets With one click, the user can load markets denominated in BITCRYSTALS or BTC for all cards (in addition to standard XCP). In just a few days of Beta we’ve seen the number of markets in non-XCP assets grow, and I hope the will continue to grow to open dex up to a broader user base.

  • Wallet View The wallet view is also limited to SOG assets and displays card graphics. The wallet now separates currencies from cards, and includes BITCRYSTALS as a currency.

  • ShapeShift.io There is now a ShapeShift button shown in the wallet view. This is based on a forked version of the ShapeShift Skeleton project, which includes asynchronous updates on transactions. The Shapeshift modal is persistent as well (although only while wallet view is open). The modal too is tailored for SOG and only supports XCP, BTC, BCY, and SHAPESHIFTCD assets.

  • Asset Control The dex implementation does not load all assets like the normal CW, but is limited to only known official SOG card assets. This prevents scam assets (I’m looking at you XRPCARD) from showing up in the markets.

  • Improved efficiency Because the universe of known assets is known ahead of time, the CP API calls to discover available markets are not needed. The get_markets_list call in particular that is used by CW to populate the markets view is particularly time consuming. This also allows more information on each market to be grabbed, including the order books, which is how the Bid/Ask/Last displays are made possible (not supported by get_markets_list).

  • Security The client-side functionality related to login and key processing is all the same, so the basic security profile is the same. The site runs with full SSL and all code is available on my githib as a CW fork. The backend runs on a dedicated server with a fully updated counterparty node. The nginx security headers are as strict as can be to maintain functionality.

  • Source Code The code is all opensource and is a fork of counterwallet. You can view it on my github (see link on homepage) The code for the ShapeShift integration is also available on my github.

There’s a slack group for SOGParty for any feature requests or bug reports, the icon on the homepage links to the auto-inviter. Please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions!