ExplodingBitcoins is finally in the very last bit of testing before going live. Please read about the Promotion to make up for the extended time I took

Hello again it’s Paul or pkeane4osu. I wanted to leave this new post updating my project ExplodingBitcoins.com and Coin XPLDNBTC. I’ve Been in Bitcoin since later in 2009. Extremely active in Bitcoin and the globalization and adoption of Bitcoin and other Honest and True Crypto Currencies. ExplodingBitcoins.com is for the growth and development of Bitcoin using the vision the Creator had. The site is has every tool that developers, experienced users, brand new users, simple Crypto users, true believers in Bitcoin, users that want to help bring Bitcoin into the future and finally get away from the sadness and sickness that has become of the original Bitcoin forum, sadly. To name just a very few things.
ExplodingBitcoins.com serves many very important goals so I will be brief, and describe the core goals quickly.

  1. To provide a USEFUL and HELPFUL safe haven for all users to learn from one another and collectively develop the future of Bitcoin using the vision flawlessly implemented once Someone went live January 3rd 2009.
  2. The sites name is not by accident, so, it will be the hub for all Brand New users to correctly learn Bitcoin and Crypto in the manner they want to learn. The site will be used to Explode Bitcoins into the Greneral Public, through self interest and very exciting promotions. We will not force feed Crypto Currency to anyone, as that has hurt our user base by about 9% overall in the few miserably failed attempts.
  3. Bitcoin has become so unfortunately difficult for new users to buy, of course mine and the time consumption alone pushes 73% of interested parties away from EVER becoming involved. That is solved as two companies that stayed true to their beliefs will be selling Bitcoin through the site, Providing Instant tx’s to everyone, even if the buyer has never bought before, unlike Coinbase and others I’ll leave unnamed. They only accept the most simplest forms of payment too, it sounds to good to be true but please wait and be shocked.
  4. I will not stick up for Coinbase, but anyone with common sense knows what has caused the last core goal to come about, GREEDY, SELFISH and people with IQ’s of 12. By that I mean everyone that has financially taken advantage of another person through con’s and deceiving others or simply put scammers. I have developed the first system of its kind to eliminate these terrible people from Bitcoin for good. This whole project has been in development for a couple years and this single part is the most exciting. These mindless people have caused 81% of the general public worldwide to never get involved with Crypto. This is absolutely unacceptable and has caused each and everyone of us honest Crypto users quite abit. So this core goal is very important and with the elaborate system I’ve created anyone who wants to be involved in the elimination of this epidemic FINALLY from Bitcoin and Crypto just has to be involved in ExplodingBitcoins.com. Briefly as it’s very elaborate but it’s is very similar to how an interdisciplinary team of different departments of a normal company would work and communicate. However everything must go through ExplodingBitcoins and I have it setup interdisciplinary with a very large number of Crypto Providers and in creation of this, standard Financial institutions wanted to become involved in, as well.
  5. The Site will be everyone’s. By that I mean every person will have a homepage for themselves, Subdomains can be requested, fully encrypted email will be provided to those whom may want an @explodingbitcoins.com email address will be available, the Counterparty wallet system will be fully integrated however each individual will have 100% complete control of the private keys and in no way possible will the Private Keys cross over to the server side, all passwords will be securely stored and salted from myself(the admin), by some rare chance an attack was successful through ddos protection from Cloudflare and multiple SSL’s that are each highly insured for any loss. Most all sights people frequent, the owner/admin have complete access to your passwords, hence why you should not use the same passwords for sites, or at all honestly. This will be of no concern for anyone on ExplodingBitcoins.com. Along with the core goal of keeping the site everyone’s, I have programmed in a phenomenal development area, loaded with private encrypted chat, if a face to face is required everyone will have Citrix “go to meeting” and 4 other integrated systems to use free of charge. This was big too for the site, as I said “to develop the future of Bitcoin” however many of brand new users have no need for programming BUT many have fabulous ideas but no one to do it for them or know what to do with their idea. Everyone that is a developer will be able to work with users that have these great ideas and will be able to work with the person and develop anything imaginable. Plus since the site belongs to everyone, what you make as a monetary gain, developing an idea for someone not skilled in computers, its 100% yours and nothing is owed to the site.

The site will go live literally any day. It turned out to be a much larger site than originally planned as I kept adding more and more for everyone to use. I originally planned on releasing on May 9th 2016 as I had programmed a wonderful CMS but at last minute I decided it was a bit too technical and I thought it would push new users and none technical users away. May 9th 2016, XPLDNBTC was released through the Counterparty platform. XPLDNBTC only has 925,000 coins available EVER. No one knew I was releasing it and the public has completely made the market as it’s listed on the Counterparty DEx. Bittrex contacted me about listing it, however I would not release on Bittrex until the site has gone 100% live. Plus each person who has bought XPLDNBTC has not sold even 1 of them. But it is available on the DEx if those that read this are interested now. It has done great but that was not the goal to just release XPLDNBTC without ExplodingBitcoins.com. So for the site release I am doing a really great Promotion for the delay I caused. For the Promotion I purchased a Brand New 2016 Mercedes Benz CLA 45 S AMG with every possible option. The car has 31 miles on it. And the Promotion is I will be giving away the car to 1 very lucky person. It will be given away through a raffle. I made the token BENZRAFFLE through Counterparty as well, and 1 ticket/BENZRAFFLE = 1 XCP. When a token or tokens are bought, I just need the buyer of those tokens to sign there address, to verify ownership of the address and the number of tokens bought at that time. If more are bought at a later time, the same process must be repeated. Now this is being handled by 3 independent lawyers to eliminate any possibility of an unfair advantage in the giveaway. The drawing will be broadcast on the site of course BUT it will also be broadcast on a local Detroit Michigan news channel. After the winner is drawn, the winner has 2 options. 1) the winner can take 100% ownership of the car and the Car will be delivered 100% for free worldwide. Any county, state and/or government taxes or fees the winner must take care of. The 2) option the winner can take is this; the car had right at a$70,000.00 usd window sticker price. So if the winner can choose 95% of the sticker price in Bitcoin, any Alt of their choice or Fiat in their local currency. Again if the winner chooses the Car, it is NOT a lease, the Winner gets the signed title of the car and takes 100% complete ownership of the car. Any questions about the giveaway or anything in this article can be directed to pkeane4osu@gmail.com. That email is fully encrypted and has virus total implemented as well. I do have the BENZRAFFLE tickets on the DEx as of now but I just put a couple on there as I was asked by someone where they could get the tickets from my post in LTB.com last week.

Thank you for reading and I hope to meet everyone that reads this very soon on the site. People are really getting excited it seems since for September, ExplodingBitcoins.com had close to 15,000 unique hits and I have not advertised it and just started posting a couple things for it randomly. There is a brief article on the Counterparty Forum back when the site was originally planned for release. I have a hard time writing about the site as there is so very many things the site covers and I apologize for sounding vague but if I wrote a detailed article about the site, it would be a book. Again thank you and I am excited to meet each person any day now. Do not hesitate to contact me for clarification on anything at all.

Paul - pkeane4osu

Actually I forgot and added the Giveaway Car to my background for those that want to see it. I just added that photo before I posted the article above. Sorry I had to add this.