[ANN] GreenStox (Investment fund based on loans)

I would like to present you GREENSTOX, a Counterparty based asset, which will represent my investment fund that invests Bitcoins of course into various investments.
Basically I sell out shares and whomever would buy them, that amount will be invested into BTCJam loans, and I will give regular dividents to the shareholders from the profits.


Information about the stock:
Ticker on Counterparty exchange: GREENSTOX
Info link: https://www.blockscan.com/assetInfo/GREENSTOX
Website: Official Website
My e-mail to contact me: greenstoxasset@gmail.com
Asset Issuer main address: 18kXbKUPQVmy73dnNJNhttYcELVJX14gGs
My personal address: 1MC5wawr1sF3M5G9cFnmHbSAvCa192Ty1r (I own here 25%)
Is it a Ponzi Scheme: Definitely not, I will give you any proof you wish about the funds location and how it is used, be that screenshots from BTCJam account or anything else.I really want to make a stable investment asset here, and I`ve also put my fair risk into it, so I hope I could gain your trust.

Technical details:
Nr. of total shares: 200,000,000 (capped at 200m, I will issue more only if there is an emergency lack of supply/liquidity,although very unlikely,I`m not a QE freak, I will try to preserve an ever increasing & stable price)
My shares: 50,000,000 (I will permanently hold 25% not more not less, to ensure a base price stability, and I will not sell these ever, the rest will be freely traded amongst shareholders)
Fundraiser Goal: 1 BTC (We need to raise this much, and only after this I`ll invest the shares into BTCJam loans)
Divident Size: Atleast 20% of the profits divided between shares, 80% gets reinvested, in order to quickly increase the market capitalization of the share, the 20% might be more in the future to boost the demand
Divident Periodicity: I initially thought a weekly payout is good, however until the 1 BTC is not funded and invested, I won't pay BTC dividents, only stock dividents
Democracy: If you own more than 5% of the share base, then I`ll let you vote on the dividents, although the Counterparty share system is pretty totalitarian, yet I`m all for democracy so if you prove that you have atleast 5% of the shares then you will get voting rights!
How can you get shares?: I will give out some for free, or you can buy them on the exchange ,I already sell 1 million of them

Faucet now is active and running, you can get 1 GREENSTOX every 24 hours, so claim it now, its FREE!

Added a NEWS section to the GREENSTOX Website where you can track the progress of the development of the asset.

Currently we are in PHASE 1, the distribution phase, and we need to distribute atleast 999,619 more shares to enter PHASE2. So make sure you buy some GREENSTOX in the exchange or claim them for FREE from the Faucet!

Lowered the share price to only 9 SATOSHI/ PIECE, it’s very very cheap, buy it NOW!

That is only 0.00001 XCP, or 9 satoshi, BUY IT NOW!, its very very cheap!

Over 18 shareholders hold now the asset, so you can buy it too (in a larger bundle), or claim it for free at the faucet!