G2Coins - XCP / BTC centralized exchange

Hi everyone,

We would like to announce our exchange to the XCP community. We are great believers in the Counterparty project and want it to have a prominent spot in our exchange.

We are launching the exchange in a test-net version to allow users to perform security checks and attempt to hack into our system. We offer a bounty to anyone who finds a security breach and inform us of it.

In the coming days we will be launching a version that will include XCP on test-net. Once we are positive that everything works without a hitch, we will launch the full version on main-net.


What is the XCP test-net? I’ve not heard of such a thing. Your site looks like a direct copy-paste of coinmarket.io. I’ve contacted the admin of that site who says your project is not affiliated with theirs.

I’d advise users to take caution depositing any balance to above exchange without some verification.