[PRE-ANN] MSTRNODE - Earn passive income from DASH

Hi all!

I am new to the forums, but have been developing some Counterparty projects and chatting with devs in Slack, it’s nice to finally be aboard on the forums!

I have been somewhat involved in another cryptocurrency, DASH, as I have been developing a monetizing URL shorterner, and I am currently trialing it with the excellent DashAd service.

I’m in the early stages of issuing an asset on Counterparty, MSTRNODE, which will crowdfund the accquisition of my first masternode. It is the first Counterparty asset that is pegged to the performance of the DASH platform, as it appears that MASTERNODE is a name-squatted asset.

There are 1000 shares total and each share costs roughly one DASH (in XCP), but I also allow direct DASH purchases. Whatever is left after sale, will be purchased by myself (to keep distribution fair), then mass convert all proceeds to DASH to use as masternode escrow.

I will distribute the masternode revenues to every investor in proportion to the amount of shares held, and if this goes well I will regularly fund new masternodes to be added in,
by issuing MSTRNODE in lots of 1000, and hosting sales such as these.

I plan to put all revenues from my share to good use, facilitating some passive income and helping me bootstrap my URL shortener.

Please let me know if interested and how much you would be willing to purchase! I will make an official cross-forum ICO announcement soon,
including here, bitcointalk, dashtalk as well as counterpartytalk.

You can view information about MSTRNODE here:

Don’t hesitate to message me if you have questions!