A4231827233798470700 An AGRIC DIVERSIFIED FUND

Information about the stock:
◘Ticker on Counterparty exchange: A4231827233798470700 described as AGRIC DIVERSIFIED FUND
◘My e-mail to contact me: sav.seban@gmail.com
◘Asset Issuer main address: 1Bx7jcpMTD34F67L8NC4RxXZxHTQbKn8FQ
◘My personal address: 1Bx7jcpMTD34F67L8NC4RxXZxHTQbKn8FQ
◘Is it a Ponzi Scheme: Definitely not.

I really want to make a stable investment asset here, and Ive also put my fair risk into it, so I hope I could gain your trust, I will try to preserve an ever increasing & stable price)
◘My shares: 150,000 (I will permanently hold 25% not more not less, to ensure a base price stability, and I will not sell these ever, the rest will be freely traded amongst shareholders)
◘Fundraiser Goal: (We need to raise this much, and only after this Ill invest the shares into Agricultural ventures)If you own more than 5% of the share base, then Ill let you vote on the dividents, although the Counterparty share system is pretty totalitarian, yet I`m all for democracy so if you prove that you have atleast 5% of the shares then you will get voting rights!
◘How can you get shares?: I will give out some for free, or you can buy them on the exchange ,I already sell 1 million of them
For every token purchased you get 10%. of it