[CrowdFund] Omega StoX

Hello me and my friend had an idea to create a new type of asset in the
counterparty platform, that would be denominated, or atleast much of
it’s value be stored in BITCOIN.

would be a special kind of share/stock, and it would be named OMEGA
STOX or OMEGA SHARES, depending on some more research to not violate any

It would be a special kind of share that would gain
most of it’s value from faucets , giveaway for work (more on this later)
and other types of “wealth accumulation” tehniques.So basically it
would NOT be a pump & dump share.

Here are my initial views:
  • 10 or 20 million total share number, no inflation and not issuing more shares ever
  • Share
    would gain it’s value by making faucets give away shares for captcha
    (im looking for faucet owners who would set up an API between their site and the respective exchanges where it would be listed, they would each get 50.000 shares and would help distribute it amongs people</li><li>It would be listed on major CounterParty asset exchanges just like Swarm and others</li><li>Most of it's value will be held in Bitcoins because Bitcoin is the most reliable crypto currency so i find it stable to hold most of its value in this</li><li>Investors/Donators would get initial shares, but Ill
    make sure that it would be distributed proportionally, so that nobody
    would own too much of It. Me and my friend though that we would hold not
    more than 15 % in total, and the rest of it will be distributed in
    small increments to other people
  • Until we distribute 85% of the
    shares to people we thought that we will set up our own faucet, where a
    little bit of work will be required to get some shares. It would be
    free, yet it would take a little bit of work, so that it should not be a
    free giveaway, and we thought that LATIUM signups would be perfect for
    this, so this way some of it’s value would be  held in LATIUM aswell
  • Basically
    think of this share as the S&P 500 of the crypto currencies, it
    would have a little bit of value in all major currencies and good
    investment currencies


The loss of initial investment, if the shares plummet.

Im not a scammer but I can't guarantee that the market's would accept my share and that people would buy it, but ill do my best to advertise it
and make it more “bullish” as it is possible.


    Q:Can you trust me?
    A: I hope you can, if you don’t then please don’t invest huge amounts, only that you can afford to lose

    Q: Will I pump and dump?
  A: No, Ill hold my shares, and get my income from the dividents, which also the other shareholders will get too. I have no interest in pump&amp;dump-ing because I would like this to be a long term investment. Also ill invest my own money here aswell, but first I would
like to stabilize it.

    Q: What is the guartantee that others won’t pump&dump?
  A: Nothing, but i`ll select the most trusted people I know and
amongst you the donators (hopefully you wont betray your own investment)
to be permaholders. Yes we will hold the majority of the shares, but we
will never sell them, thats the point to find people that can be
trusted to hold the risk

    Q: Is it fair to the other people, that only a limited people will hold the majority of shares?
  A: No, but it’s irrelevant, as we will hold the most risk too, not
just the reward, so if the shares plummet, we lose the most, if they
raise, we win the most. It’s risk analysis, and of course we will hold
strongly to our shares, and wont panic and sell it if it drops 1 basis
points, that would be irresponsible

Here you can donate to this project:  http://coinfunder.com/project/omegashares-counterparty-asset

course any suggestions, critics, or tips are welcome. If you want to
suggest some modification or implementation, we will consider your
suggestion and would listen to it.