Address Missing

Hi i just sent myself 11k from free wallet and the address problem is occuring once i logged back in it was gone and I tried adding a new address and using coindaddy as well. I need help please this is my car that I just sold.

the address: 1NMUdFRFtL24khL5obcvB3sBHybHusnLVX]
the transaction:

The only thing I haven’t done yet is the helper script I am working on that right now.

if i add the address as a watch-only for a brief second it says this address is already in your wallet so I must own it I just cant get to it.

How did you generate the new address? Depending on the type of wallet, you will most likely not see counterparty tokens unless it is a counterparty enabled wallet. You can import your private key to free wallet though. This address is also lacking any BTC, so you will be unable to move your tokens until enough is available to pay for a BTC transaction. I see you only have 1,175 XTROPTIONS.GOLD not 11k and not XCP. There were 10 billion XTROPTIONS.GOLD issued, so I question their value. I hope you didn’t sell a nice car.

I just logged into my counter party wallet multiple times and it created a new address so it should be connected to my passphrase, and its 11k worth of them.

The fact that you try to add a ‘watch-only’ address and your told that the address already exists in your wallet is a good sign, it means that your address in question is actually controlled by the 12-word passphrase and you should have access to it.

Perhaps try using and input your 12-word passphrase and see if the address shows up for you there.

Also, the wallet address in question only has TROPTIONS.GOLD in it, not the 11K that you seem to think that you have. TROPTIONS.GOLD is just another counterparty token, and would only ever be worth 11K if you managed to sell it to someone for 11K… I am not aware of many users who hold TROPTIONS.GOLD and there is not much liquidity.

howcome? it says the value of it on the site

I also tried freewallet and am having no luck

The value is “ESTIMATED” value… not actual value. The only way you would get that value is if your able to trade your token for BTC or something more liquid. The “ESTIMATED” value is just that, an estimate based on assuming you could cash out all the value at the current exchange rate.

As I said previously, I am not aware of many users who hold TROPTIONS.GOLD and there is not much liquidity (ie, people who would buy your TROPTIONS.GOLD tokens from you)

I am not sure what to tell you. If you have tried counterwallet and and your not seeing the address in your account, then you may have entered the wrong address when you were doing your send.

I would seriously consider contacting the person that you sold your car to and request a refund. Selling your car for TROPTIONS.GOLD was a mistake and most likely someone is taking advantage of your lack of knowledge about crypto and the “estimated” value.

Alright because I looked into it all last night there wasn’t anything that said much about the value but I got the police involved I just need to send it back to him now

So if you open freewallet and click the actions button and see the address list then your address 1NMUdFRFtL24khL5obcvB3sBHybHusnLVX is not shown?

That is correct I honestly could care less anymore but it is frustrating because it s connected to my passphrase

The “ESTIMATED” value should be removed. It’s easy to manipulate, and it can be very misleading.

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