My Wallet say Zero

Hey i loggin in since a few month and is see that counterwallet have an update but i cant restore my Storj coins with import funds it says that this adress donsent exist.
my adress ist: 19Ad5cG1CEiNxvcE2vzV2RGnBqcgBHn58L
can anyone help me do get this coins to the new adress?
sorry for my bad english :smiley:


Don;t worry.
Your balance is 110 SJCX

Just something temporarily wrong with Counterwallet, it seems. Try again or use another server/wallet.

but when i logging in i get this adress 16tc39J7qyQGje5Btp6ixSzgXmpcPvC2Yc not my old one and this new adress have Zero Coins :frowning: that is the problem

I have done this but it dosent show this message an my wallet is still zero.
I have now 2 Addresses but both 0.
How can i fix this?

Well if your pass phrase is correct it is impossible to lose access to your addresses.
Try to add 10 addresses or if you already know your address which has the funds, then you can sweep its content from the first address in the wallet (see the FAQs about sweeping; also on how to generate addresses and corresponding private keys from your Counterwalllet pass phrase - you need the private key of an address to sweep that address - one example is Is it possible to create list of addresses and private keys from Counterwallet pass phrase?).

The only way you can lose access to addresses is if your forget the pass phrase to your wallet.