Access an old wallet?

I haven't tried to login to counterwallet for several months. Today when I login, a new wallet is created and old one is gone. How do I get at the old wallet to move the tokens?

Do you have the seed for the old wallet? If it is past a few months old, you may want to create a new one and move your coins/tokens to that since I believe there was a security issue previously. The issue I think required that you had logged in while there was a problem but I don't recall the details.

For wallets created before May 8, 2014:,321.msg2266.html#msg2266
For all wallets:

If you're just not seeing your addresses, that's a different thing (they were "dis-associated" from wallet and can be re-attached):

I had this problem a few weeks ago and the wrote the following on this subject:

It is by no means a ‘how to’ but should point you in the right direction.