Cant access old wallet. Browser created new wallet instead of showing the old one


I was unable to log in to my wallet with quick access password using chrome. The browser just did not log in after i pressed “open wallet”. Nothing happened.
So i copied the link and tried with firefox. After typing in the password, it said that i have entered the wrong password but it also wanted for me to accept terms if i want to open new wallet. So i clicked yes on the terms agreement.
Now it opened completely new wallet for me. All old addresses and balanses are gone.
What to do? How to get my addresses and balanses back?
I have my 12 word password stored too, but this also opens that new wallet without old addresses and balanses.
How to i restore my counterwallet?

Thank you.

Solved. I was suggested to create a new regular address and my XCP balance appeared there.