STBV/XCP transfer help

STBV supposedly transferred my share of XCPs (in millions) to me. STBV sent me a link to click on that takes me straight to XCHAIN where I can view how many XCPs(in millions) I have. They also created me a Counterwallet with a 12 word passphrase that was sent to me. I am able to log into my Counterwallet and it shows I have 0 XCPs.

The question is how do I transfer the XCPs that shows on XCHAIN to my counterwallet? Please note that the Counterwallet address and the address that STBV sent my XCPs to are different. I just really need help.

Someone from STBV told me that I need to convert XCP to STBV. I am confused by this especially because I cannot send the XCPs that’s shown on XCHAIN to my Counterwallet.

Follow up from this thread:

You have access to a counterwallet now with your 12 word passphrase. If you want to get XCP there then STBV needs to send XCP there. You cannot access another address at xchain when you do not have the 12 word passphrase for that other address. I guess you need to ask STBV what they want you to do.

“Someone from STBV told me that I need to convert XCP to STBV. I am confused by this especially because I cannot send the XCPs that’s shown on XCHAIN to my Counterwallet.”

Maybe I now get it: You want to buy STBV at the counterwallet DEX for XCP? But when I check the market it is not traded currently

Or maybe STBV allows to swap XCP for STBV? Then you need to buy XCP first which you get at a market like Poloniex of Bittrex and pay with Bitcoin. Then follow swap instructions from STBV.

There are only 2.6 million XCP in existence, so you were not transferred 3 million XCP.

What probably happened is that some STBV was transferred to your wallet. The block explorer shows an ESTIMATED value for the held tokens in a wallet address. The ESTIMATED value is calculated based off of the last STBV/XCP trade price on the Decentralized EXchange (DEX). The estimated value is just that, an estimate of the value, and is not a guarantee of being able to get that value.

I would encourage you to look carefully at any assets before you purchase them. For instance take a look at and you can see that the estimated marketcap for the STBV market is over $103 Billion, yet the token only has 54 holders? Things like this should jump out as indicators that you might not be dealing with a liquid/legitimate asset.

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You are definitely right. I have STBV in my wallet, someone from STBV told me. But how do I go about getting it into my Counterwallet which I control the passphrase for?

The STBV ( in millions) that I have is seen when I click on a link and it takes me straight to XCHAiN. Anyway to transfer the STBV to my Counterwallet which I control? is just a block explorer that shows what addresses hold what tokens. is not a wallet or an exchange, and has no access to any funds at any point.

You should speak with whomever you purchased STBV from about what address they transferred your funds to. If you do not control the private key for the address, then you do not actually hold the funds.

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@jdogresorg Whats up buddy??? I just seen this hit my email as I was finishing something, but your first sentence of you comment to @Romero_Richard about the fact that there are only 2.6 million XCP says everything that needs to be said really.

However, the only other thing that I could POSSIBLY think that was going on in this case was exactly as you stated in your second paragraph. I have heard this quite a few times over the years in very similar context and had to explain to the person/persons new to CP exactly as you have.

@Romero_Richard I can not say anything about the asset STBV since I have no knowledge of it. So, one thing I refuse to do is post any comment directly saying the asset and person/people behind it, created it for a nefarious use driven by greed. To clarify, I AM NOT MAKING A DIRECT COMMENT IMPLYING ANYTHING NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE ABOUT STBV, since I have nothing factual to comment about this particular asset. I am commenting about this for two reasons, 1) to support jdog’s input as it is completely verifiable and factual then 2) to offer further clarification if that is required.

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@jdogresorg you were totally on the spot with helping him. I should worked into the next thing I was going to finish instead, lool.

Thank you all for responding! I figured there is something going on at STBV

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