Have 3 million XCP, but need to transfer it

I have over 3 million XCPs. STBV set me up a counterwallet and supposedly transferred me XCPs (over 3 million) that I own. The counterwallet came with a 12 words passphrase and it brings me to my counterwallet, which shows I have 0 XCP. However, when I click on an additional link that STBV sent me, it takes me straight to XCHAIN which shows the 3 million XCPs that was transferred. How do I moved the 3 million XCPs to my counterwallet? Someone from STBV told me I need to transfer XCPs for STBV, but I am so confused.

Please note that the counterwallet address is different from the address that shows me XCPs.

So how do I transfer my 3 million XCPs that’s on XCHAIN to my counterwallet? Or how do I convert it for STBV?

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