XCP Cards - The Trading Card Platform

Would you like to publish your own trading card? Or maybe make a design for your favorite asset? Or just collect and trade?

Our site, xcpcards.com, will let you do all this. Actually, everything will be powered by Counterparty. We will just make it easy and fun to navigate all the trading cards.

We are btw huge fans of Spells of Genesis. They’ve made some tremendous designs. Now we encourage YOU to join the party. Make your own card!

The site is soon to launch. In the meanwhile, pioneer the platform by claiming good asset names, design their cards, upload and verify them.

this is very interesting, so will is basically take the background of the SOG cards and put the image on there that is selected? Also does the name of the card have to be the name of the asset, or how do you know what asset is for what card (because in SOG the names of the cards are not the same as the asset ID)?

Last question, are you affiliated with https://sogassets.com/ ?

Robert, there is no affiliation with sogassets.com.

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Every card will have a page. It will display the card itself + some metadata like the supply, who’s the owner, etc.

When you upload a card you will specify the asset ID. The card itself is a jpeg and within the jpeg file there is something called EXIF data. There you can specify the card title, description, tags, and even some CSS styling for the card page.

We are not associated with any other projects. We are fans of SOG and we hope many more will discover that Counterparty is the world’s best (and still only) platform for publishing cards, designing cards, collecting cards and trading cards.


Ok perfect :smiley: I have an idea for some cards and i will be submitting them, thanks guys! Its wonderful to see sogassets and xcpcards both being developed by fans and not the actual SOG team, that shows that there really is a very heavy interest in this project.

I will say, i never thought that xcp’s biggest project would be a trading card game and that is a really nice surprise since im a TCG enthusiast :smiley:

I would really love to be able to run my own trading card game, not so much have cards on someone else’s platform cause I do run role playing games so it would be cool to add that layer with a little more creative control