Spells of Genesis - Using Counterparty to Innovate Game Economy

About Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is an upcoming trading card/arcade game, from Swiss-based company EverdreamSoft
which will integrate bitcoin and blockchain technology in its game economy as well as its storyline.
It is targeted for release in late 2015 for iOS and Android devices.

A Game For The Community

Our motivation in developing SoG stems from our desire to create a game in strong cooperation with the community. 
With Moonga, our main trading card game, we were among the first to have a free-to-play game on the AppStore in 2009. 
Since then, the genre has evolved in unexpected ways.

We saw some of our players trading rare cards for more than 1000 USD, even if it was not allowed by the terms of service. 
A whole economy emerged in the game. This inspired us to conceptualise how we could go beyond that and leverage digital goods ownership.

Innovative In-Game Economy

While working as a core of the whole game economy and background story, cryptocurrency will be used as an in-game means of exchange. 
Counterparty tokens will be assigned to cards in SoG which means you can trade cards freely within and outside the game app. 
Players will own their game items and cards not only in the game world but also on the bitcoin blockchain.
Other functions on Counterparty such as the lock feature will also give players the possibility to lock a specific amount of rare cards in a public and transparent manner.

BitCrystals are the game fuel and premium currency of SoG. 
As Counterparty assets, they are tradable and can be used to create card packs and acquire new items in the game. 
SoG’s token system works on a platform which burns BitCrystals in order to issue new digital game assets to players.

70,000,000 BitCrystals will be made available for purchase during a Token Sale which will fund the development of the game.

Support Our Project

Free BitCrystals are being rewarded to early supporters - register on our website before our token sale begins!

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