Looking to put a card on the counterparty blockchain

hey guys I am new here but have had an interest in counterparty since I read about it earlier this year, particularly the the aspect of creating cards and putting them on the XCP Exchange and having consumers hold the card and also receive a redeemable item.

So, maybe someone can help me… I have created a separate address and have sufficient XCP and BTC at the address in my counterparty wallet. I want to create a trading card and put it on the block, how do I do this? I have designed the card. I see rarepepes has done a good job in creating something similar to what im looking to do. I’d like to take it a step further tho and offer for example:

I create 1000 Gorilla cards at a counterparty address, I want to be able to add a bandcamp or iTunes redeemable download that’s different number sequences throughout each card (1-1000) and if I can find the proper dev assist, I want to go further and drop them in geo cache-ing air drops and such.

I think this type of thing would be real cool and catchy with regular folks if they could make this happen easily.