Spells of Genesis announces a Storj and Gemz card!

Not only is there a FoldingCoin SOG card (FDCARD w/ 300 max) Spells has now released a card specifically for Storj (SJCXCARD w/ 100 max) and Gemz (GEMZCARD w/ 1000 max)!

Speaking as a fan of Magic the Gathering, I continue to be extremely excited for this game and look forward to playing many of you in this, but just as an FYI I was notorious for spending a lot of money on magic and this game will be no different :smiley:

For more information read this great article posted on Bravenewcoin http://bravenewcoin.com/news/everdreamsoft-launches-blockchain-based-trading-cards/ this article will also explain the abilities of the cards and show the actual pictures of the cards.

Nice job Spells team!

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