Wrong Transaction

Hello I am first time user I have been trying to transfer bitcoin to my new wallet, I have hit the donate button and my bitcoin has disappeared, how can I get it back


Hmm, your Bitcoin cannot disappear. Are you saying the address that it was on is not displayed in Counterwallet any more?

In that case you could add it again as per this FAQ

How can I get in contact with counter party support? Please

Yesterday I was trying to move a bitcoin to my bread wallet, I am new at this and I hit the donate button by mistake, my bitcoin has disappeared and I have no way of retrieving it. How can I contact someone in support to help me please

Hello! Could you please provide me with the BTC address that you sent your BTC to so i can research further. I am with the Counterparty Foundation, but these whole forums act as support just as an FYI.

I will try and help you through this issue :smiley:

1F6GFtxyRZJtNcz7bMqRa34TrcsvEakAiJ to


Dear Robert I hope is helpful to you, I tried to email but it bounced back. Regards Brian

So it looks like you sent 1 BTC to your address, and it appears to still be there. Let me ask you this, when you log into your counterparty wallet on counterwallet, do you actually see your BTC address there? If you dont, I have a solution that might work:

Keep creating new wallets in counterwallet until yours reappears, this is a bug in the code right now

If you do see your BTC address there, then we need to take additional troubleshooting steps

I have created 6 more addresses and nothing is showing as yet, I will try again as time permits. I am about to start a new business and it will be bitcoin focused, so if I can sort this out it would be good. I really appreciate your assistance with this.



So just to confirm, you cannot see 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe in your wallet?

I confirm that I cannot see 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe in wallet. I created another 13 addresses and still shows nothing

Hmm, at this point I’m starting to suspect that you’re logged into a wrong wallet… This is the first time I hear someone has generated 20 addresses and still can’t see the missing address.

If you use the 3rd approach (from my earlier comment above), you can display an arbitrary number of addresses that could be managed by your wallet, but I understand that CP never uses more than 20, and that those are generated in the same order (if I remember correctly). So if you don’t see it now, it’s more likely that you’re not logged into the right wallet, than that it might appear if you use CounterwalletHelper to generate 35 or 40 addresses.

Logging into the wrong wallet happens when a word is misspelled and mistaken for another valid word. For example, if the correct word is cost but you type coat.

Full list of words here; http://xcp.pw/tools/dictionary.html

Note that CounterwalletHelper (mentioned above) can help you do the guessing using the word list (--help).

Hello I don’t think I am logged into the wrong wallet, the original account still shows the balance of 0.01 I think of a balance which was what was left after the bitcoin left the account. Its puzzling and I want to do more with bitcoin but I need to understand what happened so it doesn’t happen again

Okay then try to add up to 20 addresses, and above that you can use CounterwalletHelper as per above URL and ask it to show more (say, 35) addresses.

CounterWalletHelper.py wallet --pass-phrase "your pass phrase your pass phrase your pass phrase your pass phrase" --search-depth 35
If you also add `--show-private`, then private keys for those addresses will be showed as well (do not submit any output of that command here!), but you can use the above command to simply check if the address appears in the list. Then you can use `--show-private` as well to obtain its private key and import your assets from it using the Counterwallet sweep feature.

Transfer was from this account1F6GFtxyRZJtNcz7bMqRa34TrcsvEakAiJ

to 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe

Still can’t find the bitcoin.

I don’t see any transactions that were made from the first address, either XCP or BTC:


So nothing was sent from the first address, it’s normal that you can’t see incoming BTC from it.


Did you look through 35 (or more) addresses using CounterwalletHelper and is the second address (19…pe) among them or not?

I just re-tried CounterwalletHelper and it works as expected.

c:\Python27\python.exe CounterWalletHelper.py wallet --pass-phrase "again control teacher mountain truck spoken false acid rainbow imagination separate learn" --search-depth 7
address: 1Q6gdNn4xU6BcYZYoMq1a1YyYQzqdcvGof
address: 1HwDYJv3khTA5cGwtHKGrpPjfwmLF9CJe3
address: 1PhFssN84S6VxerDBeqV8qb7tPR9kZU7ao
address: 12iYZawnrEqZtdb88ajmqcrsyd5mDvb5fV
address: 1KnhfwV4RRvbKrY1VR1pkHpzvCcooK38NW
address: 1HwsWkGAAiqtpPQYsgiHJrNQiEKJwHpYGm
address: 188sT3jqWUSrpt5VP78NyLDzLoR2E3GzGg

These addresses were listed in the exact same order as they appear in Countewallet (if you want to check, go to https://counterwallet.io, login with again control teacher mountain truck spoken false acid rainbow imagination separate learn and compare).
Also, --search-depth works fine with higher values (I tried 35, 50 and 125), so I don’t see why you can’t do the same to find your address. If you’re concerned about security, execute CounterwalletHelper.py offline.

If there is no evidence that the address belongs to the wallet you’re accessing, there’s no “wrong transaction” (i.e. you’re in a wrong wallet).

I will have to keep persevering, hopefully we will find it. Thank You for your assistance