Wrong Transaction

You’re welcome. Let us know if you need help with running CounterwalletHelper.py, that’s probably the fastest way to determine whether the address belongs to the wallet you’re using or not.

https://github.com/petertodd/bips/blob/master/bip-0032.mediawiki#Master_key_generation has details on how addresses are derived from the pass phrase.

Would this be my transaction and missing bitcoin? I have spent hours trying to find the transaction

Bitcoin block explorer and currency statistics

Bitcoin Address Addresses are identifiers which you use to send bitcoins to another person.
Address 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe
Hash 160 5ce0b5ba803853a8acc8d2df4c263d03b94824da
Tools Taint Analysis - Related Tags - Unspent Outputs
No. Transactions 71

Total Received 2.42951315 BTC

Final Balance 2.42951315 BTC

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38d865affc3609d1ab0c6f0e3e29db09e0ab88723676864beb60bf0a5c06e31d2015-06-23 11:15:35
19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe 1 BTC

This was a screen shot on the day of the transaction on June 23 2015

Transfer was from this account




Transfer was from this account1F6GFtxyRZJtNcz7bMqRa34TrcsvEakAiJ

to 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe

Still can’t find the bitcoin.

As I mentioned above; the transfer was certainly not from 1F6GFtxyRZJtNcz7bMqRa34TrcsvEakAiJ.
That address has never had any transactions.

19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe received 1 BTC from 1HNDrAE91ETd6UvmREXMF6BrFQB1oQdqrH.
https://blockchain.info/tx/38d865affc3609d1ab0c6f0e3e29db09e0ab88723676864beb60bf0a5c06e31d, as you noted. But that’s not going to help you if the receiving address doesn’t belong to your wallet. And there is no need to investigate the source address either (although it raises eyebrows that you are confused about the sending address as well!).

All you need to do is run CounterpartyHelper.py as explained above, find private key for 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe and then from Counterwallet sweep that address to import BTC from it (or keep adding regular addresses in Counterwallet until 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe appears in it).
If CounterwalletHelper.py doesn’t list 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe even when you set search depth to 100, then address 19U6MmLLumsqxXSBMB5FgYXbezgXYC6Gpe does not belong to the wallet you’re using.


Does this block chain make any sense?

If you have another, unrelated question, please create another post.
I assume this topic is about an address that allegedly disappeared from your wallet (but you cannot prove it despite clear instructions on how to do that).
If you cannot prove the address belongs to your wallet, this topic can be considered closed.

P.S. There is nothing wrong with that other address’es chain of transactions.